Define Potency Test - A senior doctor explains the procedure.

The potency test, even if it is conducted upon the consent of the alleged “accused” or the order of court, bears the following aspects:

1.    Firstly, the test by itself is NOT foolproof, as declared by the medical experts themselves.

2.    Secondly, despite the test report being positive to the highest level, taken to be for the worst case scenario, it can't establish the existence of any physical contact with a foreign body, as it is merely a capability test for the male only. And the other way too, for the test result being negative to the lowest possible level, the possibility of sexual arousal cannot be ruled out.

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The potency test altogether is INCAPABLE to ascertain even a slightest possible scope of any assault or molestation.

Mobile is a boon or bane

Certain education boards and institutions have prohibited the use of mobile phones owing to students’ distraction towards studies. It is also seen that by using mobile phones, male-students plan to see their girl friends at certain places without parents’ permission that may cause further negative repercussion...

Finland’s research Institution ‘Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’ has proved that brain’s side close to which mobile phone is kept while attending a call, is 39% more prone to brain cancer than the other side...

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Global Conspiracy By Secret Societies

Ideological subversion is the process which is legitimate and open. It destroys things like religion, government system and economic system of any country. It is a simple method to make somebody a permanent fool or crazy through brainwashing. Also known as :

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